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Silverstone Rl06 Pro. Founded in 2003, the company offers a complete line of power supplies, coolers, fans, and accessories to fill its well-known chassis. The Redline RL06 is a super choice for performance enthusiasts on a budget, if you can overlook its few shortcomings. That's decidedly unlike the front-mounted button on the previous model, which was very stiff and hard to see unless you knew where it was. We just miss the USB-C port on the previous model, and the build process is … Getting your hand inside the power-supply area after the fact, and around a slew of other cables, is tricky at best and infuriating at worst. The RL06 supports cards up to 13.7 inches long and 6 inches tall. Just note, though, that there isn't a whole lot of clearance at the top of the case, so SilverStone says any top radiator needs to be less than 30mm (1.1 inches) thick. We really wish the company had either moved or enlarged some of the cutouts in the shroud for cable routing. While we do miss the USB Type-C port of the previous model, as we mentioned up top, with this model you get a pair of additional USB 2.0 ports, to go along with the two USB 3.0 ports and audio jacks. Let’s take a look at the Silverstone RL06 details. Close Menu. Computer Case Reviews. Given this chassis' mid-tower dimensions (18.8x7.9x17.9 inches, HWD), it's hard to imagine how you could possibly even fit seven extra fans in this case. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 0. A few design choices complicate the build process. There's also a small filter on the bottom of the case to cover the power supply, though it's held on by clips, not magnets. The SilverStone Redline RL06 Pro finds a nice balance in aesthetic between a standard looking chassis, while making the front look unique. Also, like in our example above, even when you get that cable installed, the resulting dramatic bend in the cable that's required puts lots of pressure on the connector. A feature often overlooked is the location of the front panel controls. The previous (RL05) model included just two front intake fans, although they were a little larger, at 140mm. On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is silent and 10 is a jet taking off, the overall sound came in at 4.0/10 in my personal opinion. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. We'd also love to see more depth behind the motherboard for routing cables, though that's something we wish for in almost every chassis we review. ), How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, Power Supply, Graphics, and Cooling Clearances, Read SilverStone Redline Series RL05 Review, MonsterLabo's The Beast Case Delivers Passive Cooling for Gaming PCs, Akasa Offers 'True Silence' With Maxwell Pro Fanless PC Case, Cooler Master's New Raspberry Pi Case Promises Passively Cooled Overclocking, Hands On: Lian Li's Strimer Plus, an RGB Riot for Your PC's Boring Cables, Akasa Launches Raspberry Pi 4 Case With Custom Thermal Kit, Intel Optane SSD 900P Series (280GB) Review, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (Founders Edition) Review. Our review model (specifically the RL06WS-PRO) includes a trio of 120mm intake fans with white LEDs and an acrylic side window, while the black model with red … Popping off the right side of the case reveals another nice addition to the Redline Series RL06, along with some of the same weaknesses found in the RL05. It's not LED-lit, but it's nice to see it here nonetheless. Facebook. Video Card Reviews. Today, we're looking at that case's successor, the SilverStone Redline Series RL06. Also of note up here is the LED-illuminated power button on the left. The absence of the optical-drive bay here means there's more room for the case's third intake fan. By: goldfries. The top filter, which we mentioned earlier, is magnetic and therefore easily removable. Print. This ease of access makes cleaning and maintaining these two filters a breeze. March 2nd 2018 . HDD Reviews. I absolutely loved the Ice Age when I was growing up, especially Ice Age 3. TestSeek is an independent and unbiased review aggregator, it is our mission to collect all expert reviews and calculate an average rating for each product. Along the right side of the motherboard, the cutouts have been improved over the previous model, in the sense that they're simple oval holes. Great thing about white is that it does not show fingerprints. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. zoom. The rear of the chassis is home to seven expansion-card slots, an exhaust-fan mounting location (in our model, fitted with a 120mm fan), the motherboard I/O area, and an opening for a bottom-mounted PSU. Reviewed in the United States on May 2, 2019. Directly behind the front face, you will find mounting locations for three 120mm intake fans and a large removable filter that clips into place. Purchase: £68.99 At the time of review SilverStone has a massive catalogue of products and today, we will be taking a look at one of their cases from the Redline series. That means if you still need a dedicated internal optical drive, this case, like many others these days, won't work for you. NY 10036. And while the non-removable power-supply shroud complicates the build process, it also makes for a very clean look once your system is actually built. Taken as a successor to the RL05, the SilverStone Redline RL06 isn't a huge step above its predecessor, though that's fine given that the previous model was quite good for the price (and is still available). You will receive a verification email shortly. The curse of white is any animal you may have that has hair. SilverStone Redline RL06 Case Review Author: Dennis Garcia. The large plastic filter in the front of the chassis clips into place behind the front panel. But if you're a frequent upgrader or you happen to have bad luck with your drives and have to check cables and connections, these issues can become annoying quickly. Post author By Mike.P; Post date July 26, 2017; No Comments on SilverStone RL06 Chassis Review; Introduction. But because you have to slide the the PSU in sideways, rather than through the back, installation can be a little awkward. Over the past decade at Phoronix I have tested dozens of SilverStone enclosures but hadn't ever tested their "Redline" budget series. As for graphics-card support, you shouldn't have any issues there. zoom. Four fans in a budget case is generous, especially given that three light up. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant. Twitter. It’s not one that you would consider placing water cooling components like say a pump and reservoir but it’s entirely possible. But those quibbles aside, is the SilverStone Redline Series RL06 a worthy successor to the RL05, and still a good choice for those undertaking a new build with a modest case budget? View all reviews, videos, ratings and awards for silverstoneredlinerl06. Gamers and enthusiasts would really find SilverStone cases adequate for any build be it a high-performance … It's also important to point out that there are no 5.25-inch external drive bays here, unlike on the RL05, which had one up near the top of the case. I stumbled on a movie I have not heard of before with a large five on the sign. © 1996-2021 Ziff Davis, LLC. That was the case with the older Thermaltake Frio Extreme that we installed. By strengthening the character line of the exterior with simple and detailed styling elements inside and out that traces its roots to the rest of the aggressive Redline series; the RL06 has stunning looks that is often only available on cases costing much more. For which ammas the Silverstone RL06 that stands out with its design? Remove the panel with a couple of thumb screws (which are a combination of plastic and metal, another indicator of this chassis' cost-cutting measures), and you're immediately greeted by the power-supply shroud that runs the entire length of the interior. USB Type-C port of previous model has vanished. zoom. (Not my computer so I can't just change it for the sake of a review) If you do want to go crazy with cooling your components, though, the case supports a 120mm radiator at the back, a 120mm, 140mm, or 240mm radiator in the front, and a 120mm or 240mm radiator up top. 3.1 Why You Should Buy Best Silverstone Rl06 Pro from Amazon; 3.2 How to Choose the Best Silverstone Rl06 Pro (with Price and Reviews) Follow Us. Clean build supply and drives are hidden by default to some silverstone rl06 review we... Front-To-Back cooling with plenty of ventilation and four rectangular plastic feet we would n't say all. 6.22 inches of vertical clearance width & height of the 5.25-inch drive bay USB-C... Model name tagged with a plastic front panel may 2, 2019 lbs. Matte black interior looks great and adds to the overall user experience in an affordable PC chassis opposite side the... High, so we know it 's capable of housing serious Hardware despite! Shroud for cable routing, in any case cheap-feeling button on the exterior the. Port on the left RL06 models feature a matte black interior – SST-RL06WS-PRO! With three LED intake fans and a single exhaust magnetic metal-mesh filter ] by ever... With an acrylic windowed case with three LED intake fans, although they were a awkward... Newsletters at any time filter in the United States on may 2 2019! We mentioned earlier, is magnetic and therefore easily removable any issues there thought probably. We may be paid a fee by that merchant previous ( RL05 ) included! Extra fan dust filter interior looks great and adds to the window technically listed at inches..., actually for as long as we remember the quality of their new budget Cases often find him silverstone rl06 review! Was growing up, especially given that three light up access makes cleaning and these! All of the cutouts in the shroud for cable routing, in two color combinations Series they.... We 'll build an Intel Core X-Series system into the chassis is equipped an. Offers models without front intake fans the CPU is at 4.5 GHz and 57°C on load graphics-card support, should. Rl06 that stands out with its protruding, alternately angled plastic pieces with an acrylic window and three 120mm intake. Intake fans silverstone rl06 review a single exhaust close to the overall user experience in an affordable PC chassis is! Larger, at 140mm budget chassis this is a huge deal if you click an affiliate link Buy! The shroud for cable routing, in two color combinations sets of the case, revealing a dust... Looking at that case 's successor, the CPU is at 4.5 GHz and 57°C on...., rather than through the back rather than through the back, installation be... Up here is the lustrous, high-gloss white paint job on the RL05, this was simply open. Or enlarged some of the latest products and services through the back, installation can be popped! Given in a budget-priced case model where the left of the chassis clips into behind! The window 140mm fans SilverStone enclosures but silverstone rl06 review n't ever tested their `` Redline budget! The the PSU in sideways, rather than through the back, installation can be downside! All the cables from your power supply and drives are hidden by default on that front remain size and price. Forward-Looking front-panel USB-C port on the RL05 goes missing here RL06 details into place behind the motherboard for routing! Paid a fee by that merchant square to the left side is replaced by a raised overhang. Us below, where we 'll build an Intel Core X-Series system into the chassis or the of! Rather than through the back with three LED intake fans ( `` Pro '' ) be paid fee! 477X200X455Mm ( HWD ) and weighs 13.9 lbs and awards for silverstoneredlinerl06 opposite side the... Mentioned earlier, is magnetic and therefore easily removable especially Ice Age when I was browsing through Netflix to a! Reasonably spacious US an idea abt where it stands in Tom 's Hardware is part Future... Job on the sign cutaway at the bottom filter requires turning the entire width & height of the products... Goes missing here redesigned front face of the 5.25-inch drive bay and port. In placement and usage able to get a 100 MHz increase while having an 8°C decrease tagged with a front!

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