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In the first of this series, meet Maggie Hewitt, founder of the New Zealand-based label Maggie Marilyn. In what is probably best referred to as a reset the founder, Maggie Hewitt, has announced a series of changes to the way her brand will operate. And with an enforced period of reflection as a result of covid-19, lead designer and founder Maggie Hewitt has taken brave and never-seen-before measures to re-engineer the way her entire brand operates. stand up for what is right prioritize your mental healthbeing flexible brings successyour voice makes a differencedo not hide from your emotionshard moments do not last foreverhealing yourself makes life betterpursue your goals no matter whatembracing change eases your mind, "Her North Star goal is for Maggie Marilyn to one day be a completely circular business, meaning customers can return clothes ... to be resold or repurposed into something else. The Better Packaging Co. works with brands ranging from Maybelline to Billabong to Toms Shoes New Zealand, and is growing … Maggie Marilyn, the locally sourced, ethically minded New Zealand womenswear line launched three years ago with a splash. ", "...There is visibility into the entire value chain, including growing, spinning, weaving, dyeing and manufacturing. Maggie Marilyn is 23, a newcomer and an outsider – but that hasn’t stopped her stratospheric ascent. “But then I realised that fashion is such a conduit [for] so many different industries, from farming and agriculture, up the supply chain, to retail and educating customers, and I do see it as such a powerful vehicle for change (...) so, instead of walking away, I decided to focus on creating a brand that could not only make things in a better way but also actually have a positive influence.”. [Somewhere] is a collection that is seasonless, trendless, and high quality ... the last t-shirt you'll ever buy. “When people say, my vote won’t make a difference - it absolutely does. ", "Being an eco-fashion warrior isn't easy but Maggie Marilyn has an idea ... Hewitt put sustainability at the forefront of her business before it was fashionable to do so. Fashion In Focus - with Maggie Hewitt of sustainable fashi… Fashion designer Maggie Hewitt, founder of the line Maggie Marilyn. I had asked the Maggie Marilyn founder Maggie Hewitt if she would consider re-making my favourite sundress of hers in white. "Our purpose is to use fashion to create a better world. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Maggie Marilyn. This ethos is strengthened by Hewitt’s commitment to traceability, ensuring that every virgin fabric and fibre used to produce Maggie Marilyn’s clothing can be traced all the way back to its source. It’s part of a wider effort to empower customers, educating them on the value and importance of their purchase. Founder Maggie Hewitt on the success of sustainable fashion brand Maggie Marilyn. WORKSPACES: Maggie Hewitt from Maggie Marilyn. Choose the perfect piece for you: easy, quick returns and secure payment! They are dynamic elements that can be applied to emails, hubs, in event page previews, and to other touchpoints in Splash. In the last four years, the softly-spoken 26-year-old from rural New Zealand has risen through the ranks of the fashion industry to become a globally recognised and highly respected designer, stocked by the likes of Net-A-Porter, The Iconic, Selfridges and Moda Operandi, and worn by high profilers including Megan Markle, Kendall Jenner and Rose McGowan. ", "Rigorous ethics go into the supply chain ... creating in such a way that every person or animal or plant involved in the making of her line was treated gently. Our mission to transform the fashion industry to one that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive. We respect her quest for sustainability and the transparency in her company’s production. Maggie Marilyn’s sustainability elements are prevalent in every aspect of the label, from a piece’s design, through the entire supply chain, ending with the consumer who buys and wears their clothing. “Traceability for me is really like the first step in the journey to ever hoping to be sustainable (...) because if you don’t understand your supply chain, how can you even start trying to do better? “This situation has made me realise that you have to be in control at the drop of a button,” he says on the phone from New York, where he would normally split his time with London and where he redeployed production lines to make face masks for the charity Music K That maybe I could be part of the solution.”. From the beginning, successful local brand Maggie Marilyn has marched to the beat of their own drum and this week they’ve announced a bold new direction which sees the brand close down their international wholesale operation and focus on selling direct to consumer only. - Friday, October 23, 2020 - Location TBD The fashion industry’s veil is lifted, revealing the social and environmental impacts, at a different moment for every individual. “Over the first three years of my studies, it was kind of pulling back this very unglamorous curtain where I really had to question if I even wanted to leave university at the end of those four years and be a part of the fashion industry,” Hewitt says. The chat ends with Hewitt’s vision of the future; how optimistic she feels about the industry going forward and how best to ensure consumers and those working in fashion are empowered to be agents of change. Maggie Hewitt – Founder/Designer, Maggie Marilyn. In the last four years, the 26-year-old from rural New Zealand has risen through the ranks of the fashion industry to become a globally recognised and highly respected designer, building a … Maggie Marilyn will continue as a direct-to-consumer entity, with newness only available online and in-store in Auckland, New Zealand where ‘slow fashion’ takes form in an experiential retail space.Maggie Marilyn will experience no markdowns or sales, ever, in a bid to teach consumers that though time stretches on, her pieces don’t lose value. And we need to look at ways to have a regenerative impact and inspire other industries to do the same. It’s been quite a remarkable time to start a brand - for good and for bad - because there’s been so much change. Maggie Marilyn was founded to make a difference in an industry that needed change. An Interview With Maggie Marilyn. Shop designer items by Maggie Marilyn online. SALE. Maggie Marilyn Hewitt’s story reads like a corny cartoon bildungsroman. The clothes being beautiful is just the cherry on top. “I used to walk up every day to the local newsstand and look at fashion magazines and I think that’s where I first fell in love with fashion. While Hewitt is modest about  Maggie Marilyn’s achievements thus far, her astute and prescient observations about the fashion industry are compelling, and it’s hard not to be captivated and inspired when hearing her speak. One of the many sustainability credentials Maggie Marilyn boasts is a rigorous and transparent supply chain, supporting local communities by manufacturing their collections in New Zealand. Maggie Marilyn’s pillars of sustainability are divided into three key categories: People, Planet and Prosperity. | Credit: Angela Datre/Courtesy of Maggie Marilyn. A justified statement considering Maggie Marilyn has ensured the reduction of their carbon footprint is included in the brand’s sustainability goals. Styling, sustainability, education and updates from the Maggie Marilyn team. Maggie founded her fashion label Maggie Marilyn on the belief that the fashion industry needs to be revolutionised to ensure absolute transparency, the wellbeing of all in the supply chain, and the shift to a circular regenerative model. Vogue American Express Fashion's Night In: Sustainable Wardrobe Overhaul - Event descriptions are set under the properties tool on the right. Since launching in 2016, fashion label Maggie Marilyn has quickly risen to success as a sustainable powerhouse that others are taking note of. Meet Maggie Hewitt, the Founder of Maggie Marilyn - a kiwi fashion brand paving the way, questioning the norm & inspiring many. Sign up to the latest from AMPLIFY and we'll plant a tree with One Tree Planted! Alongside ensuring their products are responsibly sourced and ethically made, the brand is also committed to environmental elements, assessing the sustainability of fabrics used and reducing their carbon footprint. If there were trade tariffs for non-organic cotton or trade tariffs for synthetic fibres, I think that would honestly get people to sit up and listen (…),” she says. Image supplied. Sometimes Mums Just Know Best with Rebecca Burrow, Saasha Burns, Me... May 09 2020. And I still believe in fashion, that it has a place in the modern world. It nearly turned Hewitt away from the industry altogether, though thankfully, she saw enough potential in the positive solutions underway to pursue her own sustainability-focused fashion label, Maggie Marilyn. “I would say when we first launched, 95% of our customers were buying Maggie Marilyn for the product itself. And it might seem simple to an outsider (...) but very few brands would even know their suppliers past their first-tier and there’s so much danger in that from a social and environmental impact perspective.”. “Now that we’ve been really loud and out there about what we do as a brand, and really getting our customers to come on that journey with us, I hope we’re closer to 50/50 - 50% of our customers buy us because our values are aligned and then 50% purely for the product. “But over the past four years, we’ve realised how important it is to tell our story and the evolution and mission of the brand, why we exist and why we are in business. It was the show on the New Zealand Fashion Week schedule that everyone was waiting for – Maggie Marilyn’s hotly anticipated runway debut. SYDNEY — Maggie Marilyn is cutting out the middleman.. On Thursday, the four-year-old, Auckland, New Zealand-based fashion brand opened its first … Over the past 10 seasons, the Maggie Marilyn founder has fine-tuned what works, what doesn’t and learned from her mistakes. null, 2020: five questions to set up the decade, A Sustainable Christmas : We're taking a break. ", "Hewitt is tireless in her effort to refine her business practices to reduce the negative impact her company has on the planet. We caught up with beautiful Maggie for a tour of her stunning new HQ & showroom in Auckland, NZ & to chat about her career, her passion for sustainability, the new HQ & how she stays organised. Especially in the last two years, realising that education was going to be one of the most powerful drivers to change. IMAGE: MAGGIE HEWITT / COURTESY OF MAGGIE MARILYN, “I really dove deep into what our industry was responsible for but I also saw that there are some incredible people out there finding solutions and that was something that really ignited the flame inside of me. Our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) was written in line with internationally accepted standards including the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) core conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Maggie Marilyn’s fabrics range from GOTS certified organic cotton, post-consumer recycled polyester, ECONYL regenerated nylon to Tencel, with a goal of having 30% of the collection made from recycled fibres and 20% from repurposed clothing by the end of 2020. The Maggie Marilyn brand has always kept sustainability at the forefront of its decisions. Maggie Marilyn Endless Optimist Pants. It goes like this: Fashion-obsessed teenager from pipsqueak, middle-of-nowhere town thousands of miles away from a major fashion capital dreams of making it big. One Bride Wore A Maggie Marilyn Sun Dress For Her New York Micro-Wedding ... including Kosibah Creations founder, Yemi Osunkoya. “We’ve been partnering with an organisation called Toitū Envirocare in New Zealand to measure our carbon impact over the last year. Maggie Marilyn Change The Rules Track Pants. Hewitt fell in love with fashion as a teenager, moving from her hometown Kerikeri, in the Bay of Islands, to Auckland to attend boarding school. She goes to college. Our vision is for a healthy planet, empowered people and an economy that puts these things first. Their purpose is to use fashion to create a better world. With the fashion wheel slowly shifting its focus towards more ethical and sustainable practises, a new generation of designers are leading the cause and Hewitt is certainly a shining beacon among them. Size: 8 / S NZD $305 $400 rrp. Maggie Marilyn is the founder of her eponymous line of clothing, Maggie Marilyn. "Our mission is to help transition the fashion industry to one that is transparent, circular, regenerative and inclusive. Shop Maggie Marilyn designer fashion for women across dozens of stores in a single destination. It fostered a desire to build a brand that would break the mould and grow with transparency and sustainability at its core. Maggie Hewitt, founder of Maggie Marilyn, might still fall into the ‘emerging talent’ category so far as fashion designers go, but when it comes to building a sustainable business, she’s … 4. Maggie Marilyn. Hewitt speaks ardently of the changes already underway in the fashion industry, though it’s a shift she believes could be further supported by government legislation. Maggie Hewitt recounts the final year of her fashion degree at Whitecliff College in Auckland, New Zealand, a period she spent researching fashion sustainability and deeply immersed in the negative impacts of the fashion industry. “If we really want to see the big changes that our industry needs, we need government legislation. With the help of its marketing director, it was with 75 retailers globally within six months. For product launches, exclusive updates or events near you: You are $450 NZD away from free shipping on your order! Our purpose is to use fashion to create a better world. Maggie Marilyn exists to create a better world and we need change that is faster, stronger and bolder. “We know the facts are out there about the state of our environment and they are pretty heavy but there is still time - we don’t have a lot of time and there needs to be a sense of urgency - but I do believe we can have a thriving industry. May 19 2020. It outlines the minimum level of standards we expect from our … Now is the time to be brave…We will design slowly and mindfully. If you don’t actually know where your cotton is farmed, then how can we implement regenerative farming practices with our farmers if we don’t even know them? ", "If Maggie Marilyn isn’t satisfied with her sustainability efforts yet, then..virtually every designer is miles behind. And that’s still great because then we can educate them on how they consume, not just fashion, but food or what other brands they purchase, and maybe they’ll think about that alignment moving forward.”.

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